Friday, June 30, 2017

Shotokan Karate in Tempe Arizona Fall 2017

Shotokan Karate in Tempe Arizona Fall 2017

We are starting a new class this fall at ASU. If you are interested in training in a traditional Karate class contact me today to get more information. Dave Bracklow 480-390-4310. Class will start in late August and run till the semester is over at ASU. We are part of a world organization ISKF/ International Shotokan Karate Federation . With over 65 countries throughout the world we are one of the largest Karate organizations in the world.

Shotokan Karate Tempe

Shotokan Karate in Tempe Arizona Fall 2017

These classes will be for ASU students, but we will allow a 50% ratio of non-students to train with us. Here is a link to the Sun Devil Fitness Center This will bring you to "Instructional Program" section. Click on the INTRODUCTION to SHOTOKAN KARATE to see the dates and times. We will structure this karate class for new students, but intermediate and advance students are allow to attend. This will be the first time this class is offered, in the Spring of 2018 we will add other Karate Classes depending on the response we have.

Great things to come with Shotokan Karate in Tempe Arizona Fall 2017

We will have guest instructors and advanced students drop in to help teach and from time to time. We will also have extra classes as the need arises. Some of the extra classes will be at the SDFC others at a local parks. Select students will be invited to train at the Hombu Dojo in the Western Region. Click here to view Shotokan Karate of Arizona.

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