Saturday, April 18, 2015

We had a Great Karate Class @ the ISKF Chandler today.

We had a great class today at the ISKF Chandler. Good spirit and effort. Mostly we practiced Kata andKumite. We taught the kids Heian Shodan and Heian Nidan.

Heian Shodan Video

Heian Nidan Video

Come visit to see what it is all about.
We teach traditional Shotokan Karate

Saturday, April 11, 2015

ISKF Western Region Clinic with Sensei James Field

What a great weekend we will have ahead. The ISKF Western Region Clinic with Sensei James Field is in session. Great class last night, and the Dan Exam followed.Good spirit from all that attend both the Training and Exam. Good luck and I hope you all passed.

If you didn't pass keep training. Being a Black Belt is the by product of long hard training. Having a Black Belt isn't the reason we train.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Recent Exam

We just had a Kyu exam at the boys and girls club.
Good spirit and techniques.

All the students are doing really great. Hope they continue with their efforts.

We will be starting a new session this coming June.

Please call or e-mail me if you would like more information.


Friday, March 20, 2015

How to be an effect Karate Instructor

In order to be an effective Karate Instructor, you need to recognize that not all kids are created equal.
You also need to ask your self, how many brains do they have?

For our purposes (the teaching physical skills  in the form of Karate mainly to children) the answer is 


Yes,  two brains and no not Left and Right Hemisphere.

I'm talking about the conscious and subconscious (or unconscious) minds. ("Unconscious" in Martial Art circles, tends to involve a short period of sleep just after you receive blow to the chin).

It is very difficult, but very important for us to know this and make sure the kids know this as well.. I believe however that it is an important concept. 

We ask that children learn, remember and be able to recall a piece of behavior or knowledge, whether it be a specific movement pattern in the case of Martial Arts  or the accurate history of the country in which you live, but if we often don't explain to children just what the learning process involves and then they can get frustrated, with low self esteem and end up trying very hard, but do the very thing that prevents then learning effectively.
Young Karate Kids

As I see it, when we learn something new we use our Conscious brain, we think, we concentrate, and focus on joining what we don't know to what we do. We use up physical energy in the brain, its a slow process and feels like hard work.

Eventually if  we concentrate, focus and take the time required we start to assimilate the knowledge into our automatic storage device, our Subconscious.

As adults, using the Conscious mind to teach the Subconscious mind, is a concept we can grasp, as children its a bit tricky.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kankeigo Camp in Arizona

We had a great Kankeigo Camp in Mesa Arizona this last weekend.

A great thanks to Sensei David Jones from Calgary for coming down and teach killer classes.

We all had a great time training karate. Basics kata and kumite as well. Looking forward this coming summer in Pennsylvania for Master Camp with Sensei Jones Sensei Field Master Yaguchi and Master Okazaki.

If you'd like more information about training in Karate in Chandler Arizona or anywhere in the Phoenix are please go to our Website.

If you need "ANY" information about the Phoenix Area visit my personal website or call me directly.

Best Regards                    Dave Bracklow

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kangeiko Karate Class in Mesa Az

We are having Kangeiko Training in our Mesa Dojo. With special guest David Jones 7th Dan with the ISKF Canada. He will be arriving on Friday from Calgary Canada. You don't want to miss this event. GREAT Instructor!!

See attached link for more info

Classes are as follows:

Friday     @  5:30pm  (all levels)
Saturday @  8:00am  (all levels)
               @ 10:00am (Instructor Training)
               @   3:00pm (all levels)
               @   7:00pm (camp dinner/to be announced)
Sunday   @   8:30am (all levels)

Small Shia(Tournament to follow)

Lunch with Sensei Jones and Sensei Coburn.                                                                                      

We are also starting our Winter Session at the Boys and Girls Club in Chandler.

ISKF Chandler

Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:30 (pre-teen)  6:30-7:30 (teens)

Enjoy your week.

Dave Bracklow

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Karate Class in Chandler today (Feb 2nd 2105)

We just started a new karate class at the Boys and Girls Club in Chandler.

Come out and join us.
5:30-6:30 Kids (pre-teen)
6:30-7:30 (teens)

Sorry no adults allowed.

Here is our website:

ISKF Chandler

Here is the website to the Main Dojo in the Western Region of the ISKF.

The ISKF is one of the largest Karate organizations in the world.